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According to the above instances, Shanghai Power Plant Valve Co.,LTD Factory has specially designed and developed DJ961HY type vacuum exhaust steam valve, which is a new king of valve and can endure the high temperature no more than 540and pressure difference no more than 32MPa.lt is applied to the occasions like over heat steam.

Power plant boiler or industrial boiler is definitely installed with vacuum exhaust steam valve,which is used to exhaust steam and adjust boiler steam temperature within specified range in time of boiler startup.During normal operation,when the pressure and temperature of boiler increase and boiler safety door is not required to be actuated,vacuum exhaust steam valve can be used to reduce pressure and temperature Thus it can be seen that the operating condition of vacuum exhaust steam valve is quite bad.Mixture of gas and water is usually exhausted in time of startup while what is exhausted is high temperature and pressure over heat steam under full pressure state in the operating state. lf all-purpose stop valve is adopted and used frequently under bad condition of large temperature and pressure difference,valve seat and valve core will produce crack or cavitation leakage,greatly shortening the service lifetime of valve.

Operation principle


Type DJ961HY to the air exhaust valve is the two part of the electric device and the air exhaust valve body to. The axial force generated by the electric head, drive the movement of the valve rod, the valve fully open or fully closed (can not be adjusted to Use), to complete the system operating requirements. Electric actuator can be according to the needs of users on the system and designated manufacturers to configure.


The structural characteristic of DJ961HY type vacuum exhaust steam valve is the adoption of medium reverse flow(high in low out),with dual functions of disconnection and non-return.The connection between valve cover and valve body is self-seal structure.100% seal can be achieved through self pressure in time of closure.Valve is designed into two large and small valve cores to solve the problem of difficult startup due to large pressure difference.Valve seat and valve core are overlay welded with special alloy which has wearing capacity.The adoption of tapered seal and linear seal surface can ensure non-occurrence of distortion and crack under the condition of large temperature difference. 

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