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Products Name: Electric Needle Type Angle Baiting Valve
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The utility model relates to a kind of fuel used in paper making, medicine, chemical and other industries of the slurry valve, especially an easy maintenance, sealed performance is good new slurry valve. The utility model described a new type of slurry valve, including valve outside left body, disc, ring, o-rings, valve cover, stem, rotating plate, pin shaft, packing pad, packing, preloaded bolt, packing pressure, packing gland, seat, gasket, guard plate, screw, nut, right valve body, valve cover, stem nut and bearing gland and handwheel; Left valve body and valve body is separated type, right through the screw and nut connected, right left valve body and valve body between the seat; Valve body cavity with right scouring and corrosion resistant plate, has a gasket between the seat and guard plate, valve body is equipped with the valve cover, right through the screw nut, valve cover bearing gland and handwheel connection; This kind of slurry valve is convenient for maintenance, sealed performance is good, strong ability to resist corrosion.

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