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DJ944Y electric Angle of low temperature type globe valve electronic electric actuators, based on 220 v ac single-phase power as driving power, from computer controller or operator of 4-20 madc, or 1 to 5 VDC input signal to the functioning of all electronic actuator, machine with servo system, without the other match servo amplifier, key components "controller" advanced hybrid integrated circuit, and resin casting solidification, the aging treatment, high reliability, moistureproof, shock. Use potentiometer to adjust zero, stroke, sensitivity, convenient and easy; In this paper, the function of switch is, in any action, and the choice of fault signal three states. At the same time, the execution has overload protection, temperature protection and compression spring to ensure that the valve is locked, etc. The three kinds of protection function. Is one kind has the high reliability of product, but with different Angle of straight stroke and stroke regulating valve of electric control valve.

3410 series electronic type electric actuator is 220 v ac single-phase power for driving power, the input signal using the 220 v ac switch, motor adopts ac reversible phase geared motor, opening detection precision conductive plastic locator, but with different Angle of straight travel and travel adjustment valve switch controlling the electric actuator.

The product specification

Nominal pressure: 0.6 MPa

Nominal size: 25 mm to 350 mm

Applicable medium: LO2, LN2, LAr, etc

Applicable temperature: 196 ~ + 80

Connection mode: flange

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