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Products Name: Y-type Electric Slurry Gate Valve
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Details of Y type slurry Gate valve:

Y type slurry valve is mainly used in the reaction kettle, the bottom of the tanks and other containers nesting, feeding, sampling, and no dead zone off operation. With the aid of the valve at the bottom of the flange welding on the bottom of the tanks and other containers, thus eliminating process medium residue phenomenon. Usually the container export according to the need of the actual situation, put the bottom structure design for flat type, the body for "V", and provides the ascension and decline in two works disc. Valve body cavity with scouring and corrosion resistance of sealing ring, the open valve in an instant, can protect the body from the medium erosion, corrosion, and seals for special treatment, the surface hardness HRC56-62, with the function of high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, the disc seal according to the need to cover all surfacing have cemented carbide, seal line sealing, guarantee the reliability of the seal, and can prevent scarring. At the same time to take a short trip valve design.


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