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Gate is one of the most commonly used block valve is mainly used to connect or truncation pipeline medium; Gate valve for pressure, temperature and diameter range is very large, especially suitable for medium and large diameter pipeline. Rising stem gate valves with the stem drive disc lift, valve stem drive screw thread on the outside of the body, therefore, according to the movement direction of the valve stem and intuitive judgment gate opening and closing and location, and thread for lubrication and transmission fluid corrosion, but it requires a larger installation space. Widely used in water supply and drainage, gas, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile as well as the urban construction and other industries, on the road at the pipe of the steam, water, oil medium for opening and closing.

Product Valve use is installed in the pipeline, can only be used for opening and closing, not allowed to be empty or adjust flow. The remote control, electric dual-use

valve body, valve cover, valve plate:Gray cast iron

Stem:Carbon Steel


Packing:Oil-immersed asbestos

The performance specification:

                   Z941T    Z941W

Nominal pressure:   1.0      1.0

Strength test :       1.5      1.5 Mpa

Sealing test:          1.1      1.1 Mpa

Applicable medium water, steam, oil product

Suitable temperature :200 100

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