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Design and manufacturing standards 
Design and manufacturing standards: ASME/ANSIB16.34, E101, JB/T3595
Structure length standard JB/T3595, ASME/ANSIB16.10, GB/T12221
Welding or flange standard: GB/T12224, ASME/ANSIB16.25, GB/T9113, JB/T79 ~ JB/T82
Test acceptance criteria: JB/T9092, JB/T3595, ASME/ANSIB16.34, E101
 characteristics extraction non-return valve 
For design and manufacture of acceptance standard adopts ANSIB16.34, E101 or JB/T3595, strength and sealing performance completely accord with a standard need,
For vacuum valve and vacuum test, the whole life to meet user requirements;
Aimed at different temperature. The main material is carbon steel or steel, high temperature sealing surface welding carbide;
For disc design for the rocker arm and active connection, but with valve seal face since the rightness of, ensure the sealing face;
For valve seat sealing surface inclination Angle, reduce shut down time, lighten the impact, protect the equipment itself and the pipeline safety;
For valves equipped with damping heavy hammer, can balance the closed kinetic moment, prevent not hammer;
For valve body cavity adopts streamlined design, flow capacity is big, valve to reduce the resistance;
Is spring return type actuator cylinder or hydraulic cylinder, with a relatively independent, the valve closed and actuator failure does not affect the closing an action;
For cylinder hydraulic cylinder wall coating wear-resisting corrosion resistant layer, can increase life, reduce the resistance, the valve is flexible and reliable;
For closing a open sets limit mechanism, to avoid opening a damage;
For actuator is equipped with a valve switch position signal output, the valve open position on indicator;
 extraction non-return valve use and performance specification 
H664Y valve used in thermal power plant power plant or extraction system, corrugated pipe cut-off valve, or other system and the non corrosive medium such as water pipes, to prevent the pressure inside the turbine load level turbine suddenly drops, extraction tube and each heater in steam flow back into the steam turbine steam turbine to break, destroy malignant accident of the steam turbine generator, and prevent the pipeline leakage water heater system from extraction tightly closed, to ensure that in the feed water heater water level high, pneumatic device parts after receiving liquid flow signal, to separate the steam turbine quickly and give maximum protection to the steam turbine or extraction system.
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