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This Type pneumatic control valve flow characteristics at low temperature IEC534-2 standard, stable operation, reliable action characteristics, and the leakage flow characteristic of adjustable range, widely used high quality automation control field.

ZXPD type pneumatic low temperature regulator is single, two-seat regulator deformation of the product. Control valve is a low temperature, cryogenic situations. It is different from normal temperature regulator in the long neck type on the cover, makes the packing work at room temperature. With long neck bonnet heat preservation, suitable for 60 ~ 250 ℃ under the strong condition of low temperature gas at low temperature, fluid medium, such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, etc.) of the process parameters in a given value adjustment. With the overall advantages of compact structure, light weight, good stability. Bellows seal to ensure the regulating valve in occasions where it in low temperature. In order to ensure the accuracy, it must be with the valve locator. Therefore widely used in metallurgy, cryogenic air separation, oxygen, petroleum, chemical industry, and the cryogenic occasion. Leakage level has two kinds of IV and VI, flow characteristic of linear or equal percentage.

Parts material:

Body: LF4

Stem: 1 Cr18Ni9

Cover: 1 Cr18Ni9

 bellows: 1Cr18ni9

valve core and valve seat: 1Cr18Ni9

gasket: 1Cr18Ni9


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