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DMZ973X/F/H/Y electric non-rising stem knife gate valve main use:

The driving part adopts multi-turn electric device, is used to drive and control the opening and closing of the valve, operators can to control the valve in the control room distance can also be the scene manual operation, can also cooperate with computer to realize computer automatic control. Widely used in the drainage, heat supply, power stations, chemical industry, food, paper, pharmaceutical, coal, mining and other engineering, meet the requirement of modern industry and agriculture automation

The main performance specification:

Nominal pressure Nominal pressure PN

1.5 XPN shell Casing test test

1.1 XPN seal test Leak test

Working temperature Operating temperature 80 or less four fluorine Rubber seal 180 or less hard seal 425 or less Rubber 80 , PTFE 180 or less and hard sealing 425 or less

Applicable medium Working medium Syrup, pulp, sewage, water coal slurry, ash and slag mixture re-moniker, paper pulp, sewage, coal slurry, dust, the slag - water mix.

Main components:

The Valve body, Valve cover body, the upper cap Carbon steel, stainless steel, Carbon steel, stainless steel

Valve plate Valve plate stainless steel stainless steel

Stem Stem stainless steel stainless steel

Sealing ring Seal ring, four fluorine Rubber, stainless steel, hard alloy, Rubber, PTFE, stainless steel, hard alloy

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